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Designer/Interior Designer diploma

A year of tutoring

Further education trainees, like the students on an initial training course in interior design, are accompanied by a tutor, as they work for 9 months on their design/interior design diploma projects.


- Create, design and develop concurrently an individual interior design project and a personal design project.
- Present both projects with their prospective dimensions in a dissertation.
- Fully master the creative tools necessary to represent the projects.
- Develop personal design intent.

Course structure

- Classes and tutorials are on Fridays and Saturdays.
- The diploma jury takes place in June. The judging panel is composed of renowned and experienced professionals and members of professional organisations.

Admissions procedure

Who can apply?

All persons in work or seeking employment, wanting to:
- Convert to a career in the interior design sector
- Acquire skills and complementary expertise in the domain of creation, marketing or construction.
- Broaden and enrich their personal development

Level B2 in French is required for all foreign students.

How ?
1st year: Admission is based on an interview procedure
2nd or 3rd year: Admission is based on a test , the applicant’s portfolio and an interview

1st year: from December through to July (also in September depending on available places).
2nd or 3rd year: 2nd of May, 2016

How much ?
1st year : 3550 € (self-funding) / 5000 € (business funding)
2nd year : 3550 € (self-funding)) / 5000 € (business funding)
3rd year : 7700 €
4th year : 7300 €