Master 12 years of evening classes to become an Interior Designer

The FCDAI 1 & 2,
2 years of evening classes to become an Interior Designer.

This program lays the foundations of project concepts and the accompanying development methodology. Students learn to implement a conceptual approach to project development and explore the diverse fields of intervention for interior architects.

2 years of evening classes Tuesdays & Fridays September to April Internship possibilities

Financing options available: AIRE - CPF.

Fcdai 1


Having some experience in drawing. We recommend preparing for admission by attending all or part of the introductory course "Expressing Yourself Through Drawing," held on Wednesday evenings.

Course Overview:

Analysis of interior architecture/design projects and development of project programs.
Creation of new objects, spaces, and living environments in interior architecture and design. Project management, overseeing the construction of interior architecture projects, and the fabrication of design projects.
Management of Interior Architect/Designer activities.


Acquisition of the fundamentals of graphic representation in projects:

  • Understanding the methodology of interior architecture projects by applying it to various projects of different scales: object, housing, commercial architecture, and stands.
  • Drawing plans, elevations, and sections to scale, by hand and using AutoCAD.
  • Learning perspective drawing and freehand sketching.
  • Creating three-dimensional models.
  • Developing presentation boards and trend boards with the help of Photoshop and InDesign software.
  • Gaining insight into architecture, construction methods, and standards.

Upon completion of this first cycle, students have the option to enter the second cycle, which will ultimately allow them to enroll in the same program as the initial curriculum and obtain the Title at level 7 of the RNCP as an Interior Architect/Designer.
If they wish to enter the workforce, they can join a team and participate in projects. However, they may not yet be ready to lead projects.

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