ApprenticeshipDoing my Master's within a company

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of our students are in an alternating work-study program during the two years of their Master's degree, both in post-Bachelor's and in professional retraining programs.


Colonne Alternance

What objectives?

  • Facilitated transition into professional life
  • Obtaining a professional qualification
  • Opportunity to supplement training while earning a salary

What rhythm?

  • 2 days at school and 3 days in the company
  • Presence in the company when the school is closed for school holidays

How to find opportunities?

  • By consulting specialized websites
  • By checking the Drive of your class where internship/job offers regularly shared
  • By exchanging with students in higher classes who have already completed an apprenticeship (possible relay to pass)
  • Through our contact list
  • Through your personal network

What types of contracts?

  • Apprenticeship contract for those under 30
  • Professionalization contract for those over 30
    Possible for the Master of professional retraining.


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