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The teaching at ESAM DESIGN applies the very principles of the profession, particularly in the approach to project management. Students often work on real-life cases. The team of professors guides them in project realization, emphasizing research, concept, creativity, and providing them with mastery of technical tools.

The objective of the curriculum is to lead the student to assume a role as a project leader in interior architecture/design. Therefore, the student must assert a unique creative approach that places the user at its core and analyzes the multiple challenges related to the project context.

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Skill Development

Students familiarize themselves with the sequence of stages in a project and also broaden their areas of intervention and the typology of projects addressed.

  • Developing a personal creative approach
  • Understanding the stakes and objectives of a project
  • Asserting a personal creative approach 
  • Developing knowledge of professional practices
  • Expanding means of representing and communicating the project
  • Developing knowledge of professional practices

Evaluation and grading are done through continuous assessment throughout the year.






Interior Architecture Workshop
Interior Architecture Project
Design Workshop
Retail Workshop


Rough Sketching Autocad Infographics 3D Infographics Technology & Materials Eco-design
Graphic Design


Conceptual model Theories and projects English



Doing a semester abroad w/ Erasmus?


  • Opportunity to study for a semester with Erasmus
  • 2-month internship in a company in France or internationally
  • Class trip (2nd & 3rd years all together)
  • Participatory workshop on the diploma projects of 5th-year interior architecture students
  • Access to the Fablab at the University of Cergy-Pontoise throughout the year
Marià Vazquez Vives
Student testimonial /

Marià Vazquez Vives

Before joining ESAM DESIGN, I studied French literature and language at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. I came to France through the Erasmus+ program at the University of Paris 8. After completing my bachelor's degree, I decided to change paths and pursue interior architecture. What I really like about the pedagogy and methods at ESAM DESIGN is the school's human scale. The professors are available and accessible when needed, and most importantly, they share their professional experience with us. They encourage us to figure things out, learn from our mistakes, and then try again. My favorite class is the 3D course. I started it last year and discovered a tool that allows us to shape our ideas and adds credibility to our projects.

My favorite project was the one at the end of my third year. I worked on a derelict site in Saint-Denis that I rehabilitated into a shared space to revitalize the neighborhood and provide a workspace for those in need. Currently, I am doing an apprenticeship at Galeries Lafayette, where I work as an assistant architect and handle store specifications. I send them to brands interested in opening stores, review the store layout projects, and approve them before implementation. Additionally, I will also be responsible for integrating and adapting furniture specific to the Galeries Lafayette brand into new stores, as well as remodeling existing ones. After I graduate, I would like to work in public reception facilities, retail, restaurants, or hotels, focusing more on the creative aspect.

The professors encourage us to learn from our mistakes and then try again.

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