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Making the right choice

Choosing to study in the applied arts is not an insignificant act. It means committing to an artistic course whilst pursuing a professional objective : to joining the professions centred on creation and innovation.

For the young student who has just passed the baccalaureate, or for the professional looking for a career change, this choice comes with a multitude of questions: Am I creative? Have I got talent? Will I master a field that I only understand intuitively? Will I be able to adapt to future innovation?

In answer, Esam Design starts with a simple assumption:

everyone can become creative

This is why our school puts all its experience into helping students develop their individual artistic potential. With our teaching methods based on project work and the personalised supervision of each student, we train you progressively in the contemporary practice of design, interior design and graphic design.

Our long- standing history demonstrates the strength of our teaching, which continues to develop and evolve with technical innovations, new creative approaches and the professional cultures.

To choose Esam Design is to choose 65 years of experience in teaching design, a network of 4500 graduates and many forms of official recognition: the school is professionally recognised by the French Council of Interior Architects – FCAI, and is an active participant of the international Erasmus programme.

To choose Esam Design is to combine your desire to join and thrive in the creative professions with the strength and quality of our teaching. In these pages we are delighted to show you more about our school…

Catherine EXER
Director of the school